Currently the Service Robotics Group is participating in the following Major Projects:

  • COST Action CA16116 "Wearable Robots for Augmentation,Assistance or Substitution of Human Motor Functions".


The Service Robotics Group (SRG) has completed the following projects:

  • Family of Educational Robots “ROBKO” including different type robot arms, Multifunctional Mobile Robot Platform, Soccer Mobile Robots, Graphical User Interface for Family of Educational Robots “ROBKO, Modular Control System for the Family of Educational Robots “ROBKO”, Ultrasonic Positioning Systems for Mobile Robots and Communication System for Multiple Two Powered Wheels Mobile Robots, which are good test-bed for educating students, young specialists and researchers about robotics and interaction between robots and humans;
  • Mobile Robot for Inspection, which is suitable for inspection of Business offices and homes;
  • Medical-Care Robots, Assistive Mobile Robot Technology for Real-Time Task Implementation, Designing Mobile Assistive Technologies in the Model Driven Development Framework, which stresses on the development of the Assistive Technology for supporting disabled people;

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