Multi-Role Shadow Robotic System for Independent Living

Small or medium scale focused research project  (STREP)

EC FP7 Project: “Multi-Role Shadow Robotic System for Independent Living (SRS)” THEME [ICT-2009.7.1], PROJECT NO 247772

The project “Multi-Role Shadow Robotic System for Independent Living (SRS)” focuses on the development and prototyping of remotely-controlled, semi-autonomous robotic solutions in domestic environments to support elderly people.
In the SRS project are participating partners from Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK and Bulgaria.

Main tasks in the project which are leaded by Service Robotics Group of the Institute of Systems Engineering and Robotics of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences are:

The User Interface for the Remote Operator will exchange with the SRS core system information and commands needed for driving robot’s activities. Design goals for the UI-Robot protocol are: simplicity, generality, flexibility and expressiveness. The protocol should be simple in that no unneeded features should be added. Moreover the protocol should be general and flexible enough to be used for different use cases without modification. A powerful characteristic that leads to both flexibility and expressiveness can be identified as orthogonality, which can be achieved by clearly separating different functionalities while at the same time allowing their combination without unneeded constraints. Within this task the protocol between the Remote Operator User Interface and the SRS core system will be designed and implemented.

Within this task, the user interfaces for the remote operator and for the elderly users of the shadow robot will be implemented. The contents of both user interfaces and corresponding interaction patterns and technologies will be designed in “User Interaction Study of Remotely-Controlled Service Robots”. The algorithm for intent-based remote control will be finalised in “Technology Integration on Shadow Robotic System”. Based on early user evaluations and discussions with potential operators and elderly users of the shadow robot the interfaces will be improved iteratively. As the remote operator might not at all time have access to a PC, it should also be possible to remotely operate the shadow robot by different devices, e.g. a mobile phone or a PDA. Therefore the remote operator interface should be adaptable to the screen size and processing capabilities of the selected input device and implemented on at least two different input devices.
UI for Private Remote Operator “UI_PRI” is an iPad multi-touch tablet based mobile user interface which is always available. Interaction between private care giver and SRS robot takes place with this interface only. Targeted to private care givers such as family members, UI_PRI focus on issuing high level control commands to control the behaviour of the robot.

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