Asocc. Prof. Dr. Tech. Nayden Chivarov – Head of the Service Robotics Group – European Polytechnical University, Pernik.
Defend his dissertation” A Tool Kit for Modular Intelligent Mobile Robot” at Vienna University of Technology – Institute of Robotics. He is specialist in Mobile Service Robots. He participated in the following main projects: Disassembly Robot System; Multi Agent Robotics Systems; Multi-Role Shadow Robotic System for Independent Living”. He was leading the following projects: Modular Service Intelligent Robots; Educational Robot “ROBCO” PHOENIX; Mobile Robot for Inspection; Soccer Robots; Medical – Care and Rehabilitation Robots.

Asocc. Prof. Nedko Shivarov – European Polytechnical University - Pernik, Authorized Representative and Contact Person for the Fp7 Project “Multi-Role Shadow Robotic System for Independent Living - Grant agreement no: 247772”, whose basic activities for the last 7 years are mainly in the field of Service robots including a robot for orthopedic operations (drilling the bones etc.). Electronic Hardware Specialist; He was leading the following projects: Robotized System for Arc-Welding in Fork – Lift Trucks Industry; Robotized System for Spry Painting for Machine Building Industry; Robotized System for Paletization in Ceramic Industry; Educational Robots including a mobile one; Manipulator for Servicing of Bed-Redden Seniors; 6 Complex Educational Laboratories for New Technologies. Director of 4 UNIDO Projects amounting over 4.6 million USD – one of them “Introduction of Robotics in Central and East European Countries” jointly with IFR and another transferring know – how to Indian institute in Ambala for production of educational robots.

Eng. Stefan Shivarov - Developer

PhD. Eng. Denis Chikurtev - Assistant in IICT-BAS

Kaloyan Yovchev - PhD. student in Sofia University

Emanuil Markov - PhD. student in Technical University - Sofia

Ivaylo Rangelov - student in European Polytechnical University, Pernik

Aleksander Gigov - Bachelor of Applied Computer Science in European Polytechnical University, Pernik


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